coffee houses in Vienna

Coffee Houses

The Vienna coffee house (Kaffeehaus)is a truly legendary phenomenon. In this kind of establishment, locals and tourists make one another’s acquaintance

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. Here you learn about the most intereresting developments while doing justice to your appetite: breakfast, lunch and dinner to a ‘one for the road’ at midnight. In these hectic times, the cosy, intelligent and informal coffee houses with their atmosphere striking a balance between the homey and the formal, are becoming increasingly popular. Coffee houses are favourite spots in all countries of the Habsburg empire between Florence, Trieste, Belgrade and Budapest. If you want to become a coffee expert, you can follow a course at the Institut für Kaffee-Experten-Ausbildung, where coffee experts are being trained. You can also find information on

A Short Coffee-House Dictionary

Kleiner Schwarzer

– espresso or mocha
Grosser Brauner
– a large cup of coffee with whipped cream (Schlagobers).
– a cup of ‘weak’ coffee/half milk
– a cup of half coffee/half milk
Theeschale licht
– large cup of coffee with a generous helping of milk

Alt Wien
I., Bäckerstrasse 9
Tel. 512 52 22
Daily 10am-2am
Qualtinger would have been a regular guest here at night. In the evening the cake eaters are replaced by the ‘scene’ and thick cigar smoke rises into the air.

I., Stallburggasse 2
Tel. 512 38 93
Monday-Friday 7.30am-8.30pm, Saturday till 6pm, Sunday 10am-6pm.
Alfred Polgar, Hugo von Hoffmannsthal and other literary and satirical personages met here. Present-day visitors still sit at those very same tables. Just like yesteryear’s famous regulars, you can listen to live ‘Kaffeehausmusik’ at weekends between 3 and 6pm.

I., Herrengasse 14
Tel. 533 64 26
Monday-Saturday 8am-10pm, Sunday 10am-6pm
After numerous renovations in Venetian style, this café in the Palace Ferstel has become a popular tourist attraction.

Demmers Teehaus
IV., Paniglgasse 17, at the Karlsplatz
Tel. 504 15 08,
Tea boutique with large assortment. In the unconstrained High Tea Cafe you can enjoy all sorts of tea and piquant delicacies. Free surfing on the net.

VI., Josefstädter Strasse 2
Tel. 405 34 10
Monday-Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday/Sunday 8am-10pm
Coffee House in a bourgeois district on the Ring. Jovial atmosphere. Limited menu.

I., Michaelerplatz 2
Tel. 535 26 92
Daily from 8am till midnight
Once an artists’café, now a meetingplace for journalists, businessmen and tourists. With Schanigarten (terrace) in summer. An abundance of newspapers.

I., Dorotheergasse 6
Tel. 512 82 30
Monday, also Wednesday to Saturday 8am-2am, Sunday 4pm-2am
Is still run by the ancient married couple Hawelka. This old café wears the patina of its age in dignified fashion and was praised by the numerous authors and poets who frequented the place long ago
. Hot Buchteln (filled bun) from 10am onwards.

Institut zur Kaffee-Experten-Ausbildung
XII., Zeleborgasse 20/23 (secretariate)
Tel. 405 74 42, fax 408 78 11

Here they offer courses for laymen and people from the hotel, restaurant and cafe business who, after the training, acquire the title of coffee waiter. Varieties and growing area’s, mixtures, different ways of roastering and over 600 aroma substances are being discussed, and most of all you’ll learn that the bean is the most substantial part. Different preparation procedures – Karlsbader coffee, Turkish coffee, espresso, etc. – are being taught as well as never to pour boiling water over the coffee.

I., Dr.Karl-Lueger-Ring 4
Tel. 532 06 21
Daily 7.30am-midnight
Here, the head waiter rules the roost with a stern look in his eyes and assigns you a seat. Very crowded after Burgtheater performances.

VI., Mariahilfer Strasse 73
Tel. 587 82 38
Monday-Saturday 7.30am-11pm, Sunday 8am-11.30pm
If you duck into this ‘coffee-house world’ you leave the present behind and land in the past.

Sacher Eck’
I., Philharmonikerstr. 4
Tel. 51 45 661, dag. 8.30am – 12pm
An ever changing tradition. Chill-out music, waiters without tie and a cozy atmosphere with a piece of Anna-Sacher pie or goose liver pastry, a pastry based on Sacher pie. The young female director Alexandra Gürtler has accepted her inheritance and, over 125 years after the company’s foundation, does things very differently now. The rejuvenated product assortment with new names now has a new motto: ‘It has to be Viennese, but light’.

I., Schottenring 19
. 315 33 43,, Mo-Fr 6.30am-11pm, Sa-Su 8am-9pm
If you have always wanted to know how to make an authentic Austrian apfelstrudel, now you can in this classic coffeehouse: Mo at 6.30pm or by appointment. You pay € 13.

VI., Gumpendorfer Strasse 11
Tel. 586 41 58
Monday-Saturday 7am-11pm
Housed in a listed 1880 building. Old Viennese call this ‘the sole genuine Vienna Kaffeehaus’. Light Viennese fare and home-made pastries.


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