infos, city maps and timetables:
Austrian Airlines
Public transportation
Vienna Airport
Train info
Wien Grafik – Vienna map
The Vienna Metro and Tram System
Interactive map of the public transport network – Austria map
Public transport Vienna (VOR)

museums & exhibitions:

Jewish Museum Vienna
Museum of Historic Art
Museum of Natural History
Sigmund Freud Museum
Technical Museum Vienna
famous sights:
Schoenbrunn Palace
Vienna Zoo (the oldest in the world)
The Spanish Riding School
The Vienna Giant Ferry Wheel
The Danube Tower
Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna
Musikverein – Society of Friends of Music
Vienna Opera
 Vienna Walks
JIRSA – Online Ticket sales
Austria tickets
Holiday rentals: 

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. Bezirk – Ferienwohnung – Stadthaus” href=””>Vermietung Wien 13. Bezirk – Ferienwohnung – Stadthaus

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